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Solar Generator

A POWERFUL, portable option - the POWER TO EXPLORE!

Zamp Power Pure Sine Power Inverters Portable Solar Battery Charging Kit Deluxe Hardwired Solar Kit


Portable Solar - New Design

Deluxe Hardwired Kits

Pure Sine-Wave is the only way to go with sensitive electronics.


New Solar Charge Controller, New Wires and New Sexy Legs


Making solar installation easier and easier. Our Deluxe Hardwired Kits are designed for more power when you're ready.


Solar Ready RV Solar Battery Maintainers Zamp Solar CPAP Power Kit Diagram

Solar Ready RV Kits

Solar Battery Maintainers

CPAP Power Kits

These kits are for pre-equipped and pre-wired RV's  with Zamp Solar Ports. Minimal installation reqired. 

Power your CPAP machine and sleep well even away from home or RV Park. No need for a power hook up.

Zamp Solar Inverters

We are proud to announce that our Zamp Solar Inverters are in!

Zamp Solar 3000 Watt InverterZamp Solar 2000 Watt InverterZamp Solar 1000 Watt Inverter

These inverters offer a clean and pure energy source, more commonly called a pure sine-wave inverter. It's important to use a clean energy source with most daily used electronics. Zamp Solar inverters are designed for power sensitive electronics - HDTV's, IPads, Smartphones, Tablets and other similar devices.

Zamp Solar Generation 6 Portable Solar Charging Kits

Zamp Solar 10 Amp 5 Stage Digital Solar Charge ControllerSolar Controller on Zamp Solar E-Z BracketZamp Solar Portable Leg Unfolded

Our line of portable charging kits has been updated and are ready for shipment.

  • New Solar Charge Controller
  • New EZ-View Bracket
  • New Support Legs

We've upgraded our 80 & 120 watt portable units with a DELUXE 10 Amp 5-Stage PWM Waterproof/Weatherproof Digital Solar Charge Controller. Our 160 & 200 Watt portable have been upgraded with a DELUXE 15 Amp 5-Stage PWM Waterproof/Weatherproof Digital Solar Charge Controller. These controllers have LED indicator lights as well as an LCD display screen making monitoring your system easy. 

The new controllers are mounted on an EZ-View bracket making it easier to monitor the solar charging system. 

The support legs slide easily and stay put in any position.

Deluxe Hardwired Kits

It's hard to know what to expect when it comes to solar charging for an RV. We've created permanent hardwired kits making it easier to start small and expand to more solar battery charging when ready.

These kits are engineered with proper wires and best efficieny for a maximum system but have the flexibility to use 1 to 3 solar panels of any size. Start with 100 watts and enjoy the benefits of using the sun to recharge RV batteries. Expand to 450 watts when ready and stay off the grid and dry camp longer. 

Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap Zamp Solar Sidewall Roof Port

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